BEN TRE on the         MEKONG

The Vietnam Riviera:           “Where freedom started”

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Ben Tre City. Ben Tre city is in the heart of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. It is one of the cleanest towns in Vietnam. It is situated on the banks of Ben Tre River, with promenades and walkways lining both sides of the river. The town has well laid out streets with all the conveniences you would expect in a modern city, as well as a thriving market. Ben Tre was granted "city" status in August, 2009, reflecting its growth from "town" status.

Ben Tre Province Ben Tre province is relatively wealthy. It is a major producer of rice and has a thriving coconut industry, (over 70% of the countries products) and a growing fish farming industry. It is criss-crossed by numerous rivers and canals, including 4 main arms of the Mekong as it flows towards the sea.  Ben Tre Province is the only province not connected to the mainland.  Until recently, Ben Tre was isolated by road, but with the recent opening of the new Rach Mieu bridge a variety of new cafes, restaurants, karaoke bars and nightclubs have been developed leading to a new vibrancy along the new roads through the old rice paddies.

Ben Tre History Ben Tre is known as the 'Revolutionary Province'. This is where the National Liberation Front began, this movement continued until the country was eventually reunified. The first large-scale military action by the Viet Cong occurred in Ben Tre, on September 29th, 1959. This first action was lead by a female revolutionary leader who would later become one of the most well known in Vietnam, and it is considered by most people to be the start of the Vietnam War. Ben Tre was the village referred to in the famous line "It became necessary to destroy the village in order to save it." The museum in the centre of town concentrates on this time, with English information and captions given..  Ben Tre citizens are very proud of their revolutionary history, and very friendly and welcoming towards visitors.

English Speakers Ben Tre has only just opened up to an increase of visitors, so English menus and English speakers in service industries are not as common as elsewhere.. The Oasis Hotel provides a welcome space where you can be understood and given the help you need to organize your visit. you will have difficulties being understood at other hotels

Ben Tre Province with its unspoilt natural beauty and proud history is the  'True Mekong'.


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